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Aetheres: Dark Wisdom's Domain (Werewolf Promotions)  $5
Ahti: PohjantiƤhti (Meat Hook Prod.)  $4
Apoplexy: Monarch of Damned (Akne)  $5
Arioslavia: Wschodni Mroz (Lower Silesian Stronghold)  $4
Astral Winds: First Journeys (Fossbrenna)   $5
Astaroth: Real Hate (Cocainacopia)  $4
Arizona: Prizak Opery (Deathbell)  $5
Ashen Light: Veles' Song (CDM Records)  $5

Bandeira de Combate: Bandeira de Combate (Maltkross)  $4
Bandio: Solo Para Skinheads (Maltkross)  $4
Barad Dur/Graven: split (Hammerbund)  $5
Barad Dur: Dunkelheit (Hammerbund)  $5
Beithioch: Aisling Dhorcha (Diveliz)  $5
Beithioch: Diolaim (Diveliz)  $5
Bestial Death: Suicide of the Immortal (Israhellbanger)  $5
Bestial Holocaust: Final Exterminacion (Rawblackult)   $5
Bestial Summoning: Sodomistic Rituals (STI)  $5

Chainsaw: The Announcement (Proselytism)  $4
Conjuration: Demo 1 (Slava)  $4
Csejtey: The Unnameable (Stygian Shadows)  $4

Dark Ages: A Chronicle of the Plague (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Dark Ages: Twilight of Europe (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Darkthule: Wolforder (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Demonomancy: Bearers of Black Arts (Rawblackult)   $5
Demons Gate: Demons Gate (Abysmal Sounds)  $5
Denial of God: Klabautermanden (Misanthropic Propaganda)  $4
Desolation Triumphalis: Forever Bound to Nothingness (Misanthropic Propaganda)  $5
Doomed Beast: Doomed Beast (Abysmal Sounds)  $5
Draconis Sanguis: Gloria Draconis (Elven Witchcraft)  $6

Eisenwinter: Armee der arischen Untoten (STI)  $5
Eisenwinter: Verkommen, entartet und verreckt (STI)  $5
Exekrator: Ordo Bestiae (Misanthropic Propaganda)  $4
Extinguished Temples: Empty Light (Abysmal Sounds)  $5

Faustian Funeral: Demo (Werra)  temp sold out
Festerguts: Bloodsoaked (Oupiric Prod.)  $4
Forhatt: Krig og Kamp (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Frost: Purifier Par Le Feu (Winter Solace)  $4
Frostmoon Eclipse: Gathering the Dark (Darkness Shade)  $5
Funeralopolis: ...of Death (Skeleton Plague/Dark Descent)  $5
Funereal Moon: Evil Night of Heresy (Darkness Shade)  $6
Furdidurke: Furdidurke (CW Productions)  $4

Gonfanon/Zuarasiz: Whispering Swords in the Forest's Darkness split (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Grand Mood: Final Urge to March (CW Productions)  $5
Graveland: Cold Winter Blades (Werewolf Promotion)  $5
Graveland: Spears of Heaven (Werewolf Promotion)  $5

Harag: Eber almok utjain (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Hateful: Key to Immortality (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Helas: s/t (self-released)  $5
Hodur: The Majesty (no label)  $4

Incriminated: Orgy of the Perverted (Slava)  $5
Intolerant: Snow Stained with the Blood of Traitors (Vanguard)  $5
Intolerant/Equinox: Purify/Covenwolves split (Vanguard)  $5

Kamaedzitca: Dzieci Liesa (Winter Solace)  $4
Kamaedzitca: Pyarune (Winter Solace)  $4

Lechia/Archandrja: Straznicy Aryjskiej Krwi split (Czertog)  $4
Lechia: Akt Woli (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Likvann: Her Jeg Blir Til Jeg Dor (Werewolf Promotion)  $4

Madd Hunter: On the Road & In the Wind (GME)  $2
Massenvernichtung/Darkthule: Magna Europa Est Patria Nostra split (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Mental Home: Mirrorland (Metal Agen)  $4
Mental Home: Vale (Morbid Noizz)  $4

Naer Mataron: Up From the Ashes (Night Birds)  $5
Necrostrigis: Swamps Cult and Lunar Necromancy (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Necrostrigis: Wilkolaki ksiezycowego pentagramu (Tour de Garde)  $7
Northcrown: Presage of War (Swordslain)  $5
Noxius Nex: Sola Dosis Facit Venenum (Bird of Ill Omen)   $5
Now: Glos Rogu - Live in Warsaw (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Now: Nowia (Werewolf Promotion)  $4

Octagon: The Lesion Kult (Regimental)  $4
Oppression: Sociopathie & Gloire (no label)  $6
Oprich: North, The Boundless (Winter Solace)  $4

Pagan: Monument of Depression (Antihumanism)  $6
Pestilentia: Rotten (Adverse Order)  $7
Piorun: Stajemy Jak Ojce (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Porfyria: Enjoy the Pain (Akne)  $4
Portal: Outre (Parasitic)  $7
Portal: Seepia (Parasitic)  $7

Ressiduo: Estandarte del Cos (Maltkross)  $4
Retra: Retra (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Rostorchester: Verschrobenheit (STI)  $5

Saltvind: Eternal Whisper of Celestial North Chamber (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Satanize: Satanic Conquest in Jerusalem (Cocainacopia)  $5
Selonath: Light in Might (Caverna Abismal)  $3
Sempiternal Dusk: Demo 2012 (Parasitic)  $5
Sentenced for Life: Cold on the Blue (Abysmal Sounds)  $5
Seven Deadly Sins: Welcome Radiation (SSP)   $8
Skytemple: The Last Crusade (Shadow Prods.)  $5
Sluggard: Sluggard (Abysmal Sounds)  $5
Sons of North: The Death of White Race (Schutzstaffel Records)  $5
Spectral Woods: Between the Trees (Cocainacopia)  $5
Spite: Secular Hatred for a Singular Spawn (CVE)  $6
Stara Piesn: Jantarowa Lza 1996-2011 (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Sunwheel: Monuments of Elder Faith (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Svart Imperium: Ode a la Normandie (no label)  $4

Temnozor: Twilights at the Winter Funeral (Werewolf Promotion)  $5
Tony Tears: Voci dal Passato (Seedstock)  $5
Total Extinction: Demo Attack I (Adzove Vrbe)   $4

Unholy Crucifix: Spectral Beings (Cocainacopia)  $5
Unholy Crucifix: Wolfskin (Cocainacopia)  $5

Vaarherre: Kulden, Kjoettet (Cocainacopia)  $4
Various: United by Blood, Gathered by Iron (Winter Solace)  $4
Veil: Sombre (Night Birds)  $4
Verglas: MCMXCVIII (self-released)  $5
Vesicus: Magi - Within the Sigil of Kia  $5
Vilains Bonshommes: Eternite Retrouvee (Fossbrenna)   $5
Viper: Theatre of Fate (Empire Entertainment)  $4
Voltax: Fugitive State of Mind (Rawblackult)   $5

Wojnar: Eps o Woju z Krainy Mrozem Spowitej (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Wojnar: The Book of Veles (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Wojnar: Z Najglebszych Borow Piesni Wam Niose (Werewolf Promotion)  $4
Wolff: Demo 2006 (self-released)  $4
Wolff: Demo 2009 (self-released)  $4
Wolff: Promo 2008 (Fallen Temple)  $4


Abazagorath: Abazagorath (No Visible Scars)   $5
Black Cilice: A Corpse, A Temple (Dungeon Tapes)  $5
Blackdeath: Chronicles of Hellish Circles (Hammer of Damnation)  $8
Blutkult: Die letzten wahren deutschen Ritter (Darker Than Black)  $10
Combat: Northwind/Aryan Spirit of War (Witches Sabbath/DTB)  $10
Damonenblut: Das Tor zur Holle (Werewolf Records)  $8
Diabolical Messiah: Satan Tottendemon Victory (Proselytism)   $13
Dolorvotre: Dolorvotre (Ajna)  $9
Evil: Pure Black Evil (Hammer of Damnation)  $8
Helheim Society/Vendetta Blitz: Fenris/Vendetta split (StaalPakt)  $8
Jumper Lace: The Last Jump (Brennus)  $6
Lullaby: Enchantress (Hammer of Damnation)  $5
Madd Hunter: s/t (GME)  $8
Piarevaracien: Down the Broken Path (Wolftyr)  $6
Root: Kageras CD (Paragon)  $5
Selbstmord: Someday the Whole World... (Old Legend)  $12
Sigh: Scorn Defeat/To Hell and Back (Hammer of Damnation)  $6
Vanexa: 1979-1980 (Jolly Roger)  $6
Yvonxhe: De lamiis et phitonicis mulieribus (Inquisito Records)  $5

7" EPs

Abusiveness: Nad Grobem Ojcow (Rex Diaboli)  $6
Amofas: Blood Like Fire (Cinereous)  $7
Arckanum/Sataros Grief split (Carnal)  $8
Armatus/Akitsa: Me Ne Frego split (IG Farben)  $10
Celestia: Evanescence (Turanian Honour)  $7
Darkthule/The Shadow Order/Frostkrieg: split (Darker Than Black)  $7
Demons Gate/Murkrat split (Abysmal Sounds)  $7
Eunuch/Cirrhus split (CW Productions)  $6
Furdidurke: Native to a Noxious Glow (Klaxon)  $5
Goatmoon/Godless North split (Darker Than Black)  $9
Horna/Nefarious: split EP (Turanian Honour)  $8
Meddallion: Demo 1986 (TMU Records)  $6
Metalmorfosis: Mask of Gold/X-Dreamer (High Roller)  $5
Metastase: Lassitude/Decroissance (D'Automne)  $6
Orfvs: The Greatest Sacrifice (Hammer of Hate)  $8
Sadistik Exekution/Doomed and Disgusting: split 7" (NWN)  $5
Steel Assassin: CA-35 (High Roller)  $6
Spear of Longinus/Satanachist: Rebirth of the Luciferian Light split (Darker Than Black)  $10
Unholy Crucifix: Vile Odors in the Nave (Desecration of God Prod.)  $7
Unit: Gai Phong (Whisper in Darkness)  $3

10" and 12" LPs

Aceium: Wicked Metal (Doomed Planet)  $14
Antisemitex/Selbstmord: We Bring Desolation split (Darker Than Black)  $18
Arson: Speak No Evil (Doomed Planet)  $14
Axeman: Arrive (Darkest Heavy)  $15
Autopsy: Awakened by Gore 2LP (NWN Prod.)  $25
Cirrhus: Cirrhus (CW Productions)  $15
Hodur: Salve Sathanas (Strigoi)  $18
Invicta: We Live for Heavy Metal (Doomed Planet)  $14
Lord Wind: Ales Stenar (Wolftyr)  $15
Merkstave: Merkstave (Pesanta Urfolk)  $15
Moontower: In the Shadow of the Wolf (Seedstock)  $14
Panikos: Awakening from Lethargy (SPHC)  $5
Paul Chain Violet Theatre: Vivid Eyes in the Dark (High Roller)  $17
Rostorchester: Verschrobenheit (Signal)  $22
Sovereign: Rehearsal 1995 10" (Seedstock)  $8
Steel Assassin: From the Vaults (High Roller)  $18
Stormchild: Maiden Voyage (High Roller)  $15
Tombstone: Rotten Power (Parsifal)  $18
Venedae/Faustian Funeral: Winter split 10" (Werra)  $16


Behest #9 (Finland; Liturgia, Forgjord, Freitod, Brocken Moon)  $4
Invocation of Obscene Gods Volume Two (USA; Furze, Minch, Sockeye, Rupture, reviews, etc)  $4
Invocation of Obscene Gods Volume Three (USA; Autopsy, Nutscreamer, Rupture, Breathilizor, reviews, etc)  $4
Riddle of Steel #6 (Greece; Graveland, Arkona, Woodtemple, Vemod, Inquisition and more plus reviews)  $8.50